The Mile High Themes Story

Hello! My name is Tim Maxwell and I am the owner and sole operator of Mile High Themes. I reside in a small suburb of Denver, Colorado and have over 15 years of hands-on experience in the web and graphics design industry. My resume includes web work for companies such as the Coors Brewing Company, Encana Oil & Gas, Qwest and

In 2011, I became enamored with e-commerce and have spent a lot of time trying out different shopping cart platforms and providers. I've played around with most of the major players in e-commerce, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Volusion, 3DCart, WooCommerce and CS-Cart among others.

In the end, I found that Shopify struck the perfect balance between ease of use, flexibility and elegance. Best of all, it's easily the most designer-friendly platform available. I took the time to learn their proprietary coding syntax and designed on my first theme back in late 2013.

After multiple failed attempts, I finally managed to get a theme accepted in the Shopify Theme store back in January, 2015. It was a long,frustrating process, but being told that my theme was finally accepted and seeing it up in the theme store after months of painstaking code reviews and revisions was one of the more rewarding experiences I've ever had. It ended up being a tremendous learning experience and further cemented my desire to focus on working on Shopify sites full-time. Hopefully, I can leverage that passion and experience to create a beautiful Shopify site for you someday! Thanks for reading!

My daughter Ashley and I at a recent family reunion

My daughter Ashley and I at a recent family reunion

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Why Choose Mile High Themes?

Read select testimonials below. Check out all of my testimonials at the ShowTime theme listing at the Shopify Theme Store and at my Shopify Experts profile page.

Tim at Mile High Themes has become my one-stop shop for all web development needs. I find the service, speed, and pricing to be superior to other vendors that I have tried in the past. In total I have commissioned 7 unique websites through Mile High Themes, and I am 100% happy with all of them. Would not consider going anywhere else for future development needs.

— Michael Gluck, President and Founder, VGMarket

Working with Tim has been a very rewarding experience. We were so impressed with his expertise and ability to translate our requirements into reality that we continue to work with him even after the initial website launch. He has provided recommendations for improving conversion rate, site performance, and other ideas on improving the customer experience. He is also familiar with the needs of retailers and can help with general strategy. Most important, Tim is a really great guy to work with, and is always available to help out. I would highly recommend Tim for building websites of various sizes.

—Gary Waterfield, Founder, WaterField Designs

Tim is an exceptional technical guy. Not only does he have the expertise to create a Shopify store, he also has the aesthetic qualities to help with the overall design. His suggestions helped make our decision-making easy. He is also a very conscientious guy, making sure that our design fit well in mobile and desktop environments. We don't look at Tim as just a vendor, he really is a partner. He was on standby the day before, during, and post launch to help fix any issue that came up. Now, that's exceptional.

—Aireen de Peralta, Co-Founder,

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