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ShowTime 5.0 Announcement

Introducing ShowTime 5.0 New Features & Enhancements

As Shopify changes, so do we. With Shopify’s announcement of “sections,” we knew we needed to jump at this opportunity to help you make managing your Shopify store easier. That’s why we recently rolled out an update for> our popular ShowTime theme, jam-packed with some exciting changes.

Using Shopify Sections with your ShowTime Theme

ShowTime> 5.0 allows you to take advantage of sections to add, remove, and reorder chunks of content easier than ever before. Choose the type of content sections you want to feature on your homepage (such as featured products, collections, videos, etc.) and simply drag and drop...

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Say Hello to Couponia!

Today, I'm proud to announce the release of my next premium Shopify theme.  It is called Couponia and I think you'll like it!

Couponia has been in the works for quite some time, and my goal with it was to create something that is really easy to use but also extremely customizable.  Indeed, Couponia is my most flexible theme to date!  Here are just a few of the theme's many great features:

  • Five unique header options
  • Seven unique homepage blocks that can be arranged in any order you choose
  • Seven unique footer widgets for...

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ShowTime Version 3.3 Released

Today, I've released version 3.3 of the ShowTime theme.  It's mainly a maintenance release that fixes a few AJAX bugs, improves the group filtering, cleans up some styling, etc.  Please be sure to read the full change log to find out more about what's changed.

Perhaps the biggest news about this release is that the FashionTime and PlayTime presets have been removed from the version that's up for sale at the Shopify Theme Store.  This was done at Shopify's request.  They are...

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Mile High Themes is Live!

Better late than never right?  I've been meaning to get this site up and running for months now, but just haven't had the time to get it done.  I've been so busy supporting the ShowTime theme and working my regular job full-time that I haven't had time to do much of anything else.  Well, thanks to the dreaded "company restructuring," I'm out of a job and ready to tackle Shopify work full-time.   Nervous?  Absolutely, but I also couldn't be more excited!

What is Mile High Themes all about?

I'm glad you asked! My name is Tim...

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